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Artificial Grass and Common Problems

Having turf installed at your home can be an overwhelming project. Whether you chose to have in installed by a professional of DIY it can be a daunting task.

Artificial grass installation problems are normal but there are ways to prevent and or fix them if need be. Here are some to be on the lookout for!

  1. Wrong type of turf installed for your application - Make sure that you are doing your research to prevent this. There are all kinds of turf for all kinds of applications. Make sure that you speak with a professional to get you some recommendations on what will work best for you.

  2. Weed growth can happen - Make sure that your installer put in a membrane to prevent weeds from coming up in the future. A carbon fiber fabric works best to be laid underneath your base layer. If you do get weeds don get upset it doesn't mean that it was installed incorrectly. Some weeds come from airborne seeds dropped by birds that is actually growing on top of the turf. You can buy sprays at your local hardware store to kill them.

  3. Pet Odors - If you do not properly take care of your turf you can and will get pet odors. There are several products online that you can buy to help prevent this. When your turf is installed make sure that you installer put in a deodorizer with your infill. Also make sure that you are watering your turf to much. That will keep the base from being able to properly dry underneath the turf.

  4. Visible Seams - Aesthetics is key when you have a beautiful artificial grass lawn, and being able to see seams can be very aggravating. Make sure you hire a professional installer for your installation. or if you have to get seams fixed hire a pro.

  5. Raised Edges - Use sturdy staples around the edges of your turf. If you use the wrong fixtures it will not last and will come up over time.

  6. Warranty - Make sure that you chose a reputable company with a lasting warranty. We offer 3 years on all our installs, and work with manufacturer's that offer 15 years. Be sure to do your research on these as well. Or just hire us Pro Greens!

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